• The Universe: Explained will be the best gig since the beginning of time. Just see who will be appearing live for your entertainment and edification HERE

  • The last weekend of Manchester International Festival – one chance only SATURDAY 20th JULY, 2013, 7pm until 10pm. Not just a night out, its a journey through Space and Time. Please don’t miss it. TICKETS

  • Everything known and unknown in our understanding of the universe from extra-galactic astronomy to particle physics: dark matter, the Large Hadron Colliders, Higgs Bosons, Planck telescope, time, space and gravity. TICKETS HERE

  • Saturday 20th July, 2013 at GORILLA, Whitworth street Manchester. A night of a thousand stars and a billion billion particles and some poetry, art installations, scientists and post punk band THE MEMBRANES Tickets in advance HERE

  • Poets, writers, artists and post-punk band The Membranes explore the outer limits with particle physicists and astronomers - with film, talks, performances, DIY experiments and some seriously mind blowing concepts. TICKETS

What on Earth is It?

'We aim to blow your mind AND explain everything you needed to know about the universe in one incredible gig...'

The Universe: Explained is a very special event that combines science, art experiments, writers, poets and legendary post punk band, the MEMBRANES. It’s an event unlike any other that will both explain the complex ideas about the origins of the universe and blow your mind with brilliant music, film and conversation.

Details and Tickets just for you….

  • The Universe: Explained is COMING!

    The Universe: Explained is COMING!

    Date: 20 July 2013 @ 19:00

    Venue: GORILLA (Whitworth Street Manchester)

    Price: Early Bird (before 20/06) £10, Standard £12

    All of space and time made easy through art, film, performance and punk rock (and some proper scientists).

Just Announced…

  • Taking your pulsar…

    Together with 16 musicians from Edges Ensemble, Huddersfield, composer Suzie Shrub will perform 'A Tintinabulation of Cosmic Scintillation' - a musical composition whose pitches correspond to those produced by pulsars from the 47 Tucanae Globular cluster (16,000 light years from there to your ears courtesy of The Universe: Explained).

  • The 1 minute promo film…

    Here is a one minute promotional film specially made for The Universe: Explained by fantastic media students from Salford University @MediaCity UK. You know the drill, watch the film, think 'that looks interesting - I NEED to understand the universe, because I am in it', book a ticket and come along onn 2oth July for an amazing experience.

  • Blow your mind with Prof. John Ellis…

    Well, by sheer luck and happy collision Professor John Ellis FRS (Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at King’s College London and works at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva.) JUST HAPPENS to be available to explain the universe to you on 20th July at Gorilla (7-10pm) - you can even ask him a question - so it would be an enormously good idea to book a ticket HERE


    An additional treat! Steve Hanley (ex- The Fall) to play live with The Membranes as part of the incredible line-up for The Universe Explained on 20th July @ Gorilla, Whitworth St, Manchester. Who in this world or any other would want to miss that? See Who's On for full-line up and details

  • Amazing Line-up Announced!

    FULL LINE-UP for The Universe: Explained Sat 20th July, Gorilla, Manchester 1. JUST ANNOUNCED: Prof. John Ellis – leading theoretical physicist from the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will talk supersymmetry and dark matter (plus Q and A) 2. Suzie Shrubb (Just Announced) – composer and musician makes music from pulsars with 16 musicians live on stage. KEEP READING...

  • The Joy of Public Funding

    Times are hard, we know that, but fortunately we live in a society that can still (just) support artists and muscians enagaging the public (you) in experimental and creative events. Arts Council England – we salute you. In case you are any doubt, the purpose of art, at its best, is to explore what it [...]

Video and Animation

Our own specially created films, interviews and animations are in the process of being edited - meanwhile here is one from 1977 that says everything about scale in the universe...
  • Universe: Explained in 1 Minute
  • Powers of Ten